Every time I think I am going to be better about updating this site, I never seem to get there!

We have had a very busy summer here at Tom's Foolery. 

Well, folks, all that patience paid off!

We became the first micro outside of Kentucky, and the first micro since the 50s, to release a Bonded Bourbon!

We were saddened to hear the news that David Beam passed away on June 29, 2015.

Wow--that was quite a busy 6 weeks!  We shut production down entirely and bottled 3 batches of Bourbon

1 batch of Applejack

Chagrin Mule

Jake at the Fairmount Martini and Wine Bar in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

The acquisition of the Stills from David Beam was a bit of a game-changer for Tom’s Foolery. What do you do now that you own an historic piece of equipment designed to make bourbon? Make Bourbon, of course! As with all of our spirits, we source as much local grain as possible for our Bourbon.

We've got big plans here at Tom's Foolery. With the recent purchase of over 100 Acres in Troy Township, Ohio we will soon be moving our production facility and rack house.  There will be a tasting room and we will be open for limited tours in the beginning.