Crafting Spirits

Tom's Foolery is an artisan distillery.  You can call us "small batch" if you feel like that fits.  For us, a "batch" is typically 5 barrels of whiskey, which is pretty small by industry standards. 

If the bottle says "Tom's Foolery" on it, you can rest assured that we acutually distilled the product.  For all of our whiskeys, we mash, ferment, and distill 100% of the product here.  Someday, we may team-up with a great brewery and turn their fermented beer into a malt whiskey, but at this point (Oct 2014), we have not done that yet.  Fore everything that we make, we start with unfermented raw ingredients. 

Four our MASH BILLS and details on how we make each product:

Applejack Process

Bourbon Process and Mash Bills

Rye Process and Mash Bills

Or are you interested in seeing what went in to each individual barrel or batch? Check out our Whiskey Finder!