Sour Mash Bourbon

Sour Mash Bourbon

2011 has come to an end.  And what a great year it was-one for the books here at Tom’s Foolery.  We spent a good part of the Spring, Summer and early Fall making changes to the distillery and getting ready for the next phase of production.  In addition to Applejack, we are soon to start production of a traditional Sour Mash Bourbon. 

Another significant change is that we are going to be making the Bourbon and the Applejack in our “new-to-us” pot stills.  Tom spent months planning and placing and plumbing the historic stills in to place in the distillery and waited patiently to fire them up!

Our new stills came with three original cypress fermenters in which we will be fermenting our Bourbon mash.  To create the space for the fermenters in the distillery, we had to build a new rack house for aging our spirits and make the old rack/fermentation room a dedicated fermentation room, holding two of the three fermenters and our three cider fermenters.  We also added a mash house where we will cook the grains that will become our spirits.

We are really excited about the changes here at Tom’s Foolery!  We hope you are, too, and will continue to follow us on this most excellent adventure! 

Lianne hangs out with mash #1 in Fermenter #1--all swelled up and ready to go!  It smells unbelievably good when the mash is bubbling! 

Just how did we hear about this amazing and life-changing equipment? Tom got a bug in his ear.....