Tom's Foolery Ohio Straight Bourbon Batch #1 is Closer to Your Glass!

Here at the distillery we have been working hard to get Batch #1 of our Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey ready ! 


Remember back when we were working hard to select the best grains


And learning how to make the best mash 

And run the most detailed double distillation to produce the ultimate flavorful new make whiskey?

Whiskey Still 2281x3043_0.JPG

THE TIME HAS ARRIVED... package up the product of all that hard work and patience....

Batch #1 of Tom's Foolery Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Coming soon to YOUR glass!


After weeks of careful sampling, Tom selected the 5 single Bourbon barrels that will become batch #1! 

Labor Day means a day of rest for most.  But for us, it was an exciting day of mingling those 5 barrels together and beginning to bring the spirit down to bottling proof. 

We have a large, Stainless Steele tote that we use to collect and begin to proof our spirits in.  (Little known fact, this USED to be the beer still back when we had our cute little Hoga Still!). 

Ready and waiting for the first drops of Bourbon.....

After carefully selecting the barrels for batch #1, the time for transfer had come. 

One barrel at a time...


The color of the Bourbon is so beautiful--even through the eyes of the hose!


Next barrel, please....


It was a good and exciting time for us-- a truly historic and great day!  All the work and patience that went in to this is paying off!


And another barrel....Five in make this delicious batch!


You can only imagine how LOVELY this smelled

Bourbon Splash.JPG

Almost full.......

Almost full!.JPG

Oh my goodness!  Now that is a thing of beauty!


From these barrels.....

To your glass.....


We hope you get a bottle and enjoy drinking it as much as we have enjoyed crafting it for you!

Release set for Early October 2014!!

Tom Herbruck