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Our products are available in Ohio liquor stores and at the distillery. We have some availability in stores outside of Ohio. And, a few online retailers can ship our products to you.


Ohio Liquor Stores

Tom’s Foolery is available in about 100 liquor stores throughout the state of Ohio. You can also buy our products by visiting us at the distillery. For fans who are not in Ohio, you can find us in about 10 states.
Or, you can order Tom’s Foolery through several online retailers.

Our Core Products (available in 100+ stores)

Straight Bourbon

Bonded Bourbon

Straight Rye


Limited Availability Items (available in 10 stores)

Bonded Rye

Maple Bourbon

ODV Gin (distilled from apples)

Distillery Only Products

Cask Strength expressions of our: Bourbon, Rye, Applejack and Wheat Whiskey

Single Barrel Bottlings

Corn Whiskey

Apple ODV (unaged apple brandy)


Purchase Tom's Foolery online from these retailers: 

You can order our products online. Some retailers will allow you to place the order directly on line. Other retailers will ship but you need to call them on the telephone and request that the order be mailed to you.


Purchase from Stores Outside Ohio

Tom’s Foolery is sold in select liquor stores outside Ohio. Below is a partial list of stores that sometimes have our products in stock (it’s always a good idea to call ahead).



K&L Wines


The Party Source

Cork & Bottle

New Jersey








Lincoln Road