1. Farming

Farming is the first step in whiskey making.  Today, we grow all of the corn and rye right here at the distillery. In years past, most of our corn came from my uncle Dud Humphrey's farm. 

2. Prepare Grains

To Prepare Grain for whiskey-making, we mill whole kernels of corn and rye grains to a rough grist, perfected for bourbon.

3. Sourmash

The sour mash process is uniquely American.  We cook grain, water and backset to convert starch to sugar. We fill the mash tun with 700 gallons of water from our deep artesian well, about 150 gallons of backset (from the prior distillation), and about 1,500 pounds of grain.

4. Fermentation

Fermentation forms new flavors and alcohol from yeast and wild bacterial. Currently, we ferment in 1,000-gallon stainless steel tanks.  In prior years, we fermented in open wood vats. 

5. First Distillation

The First Distillation reduces 1,000 gallons of distillers beer to 240 gallons of rich, creamy “low wine”

6. Second Distillation

The Second Distillation produces a potent, flavorful, clear whiskey called “new make,” which will fill two 53-gallon barrels

7. Age in Oak Barrels

Maturing Whiskey in Ohio is a slow process.  Our rackhouse is unheated, and mother nature is in charge.

8. Harvest and Bottle

Bottled when ready. For each batch, we hand select 5 barrels from our rackhouse, bottle, and wax.  No-chill filtering.