When we started Tom's Foolery in 2008, we planned to distill just one product.  Applejack.  Our applejack is entirely distilled from fresh, whole apples.  We never add any sugar, coloring, or flavoring.  In the tradition of great apple brandy producers in Europe, we double distill our applejack in copper pot stills, and then age it in oak barrels for about four years.  We age this brandy in a variety of barrels, which include: used cognac barrels, used bourbon barrels, used applejack barrels, new wine barrels, used wine barrels, and new charred oak barrels.  Our main product in this category is our straight, 90 proof expression. However, we sometimes release other expressions, which can include single barrels, cask-strength, and bottled-in-bond.

Bourbon Whiskey

Why did we start making bourbon? There's a long story to tell here, but in short: we med David Bean and his family.  They sold us the original pot stills and fermenters from the old Michter's Jug House and taught us how to make bourbon whiskey. 

This american classic is distilled from corn that we grow right here at our own 115 acre farm.  Our bourbon typically has 54% corn, 23% rye, and 23% barley malt.  But, we vary the mash bill slightly for each batch. 

Rye Whiskey

We distill rye whiskey from rye and rye malt.  Today we grow most of the rye grain that we distill right here at our farm.