Tom's Foolery Bonded Bourbon

Well, folks, all that patience paid off!

We became the first micro outside of Kentucky, and the first micro since the 50s, to release a Bonded Bourbon!

The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 started as the first consumer protection act so people procuring whiskey could be sure the whiskey was bottled at the distillery where it was made and that nothing had been added to adulterate it. Distilleries who participated in the act were given tax incentives, but it also gave the feds an easier way to track and collect payment of those taxes!

These days, Bonded Bourbon follows a very specific outline: One distiller, one distilling season, at least 4 years aged in one barrel and 100 proof.
I am proud we had the patience to let these barrels sit these four long years and age away.  The Bonded Bourbon is very smooth, even at 100 proof!

Tom Herbruck