It's been awhile

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Every time I think I am going to be better about updating this site, I never seem to get there!

We have had a very busy summer here at Tom's Foolery. 

Tom's Foolery Farm plans are coming along--baby steps for sure, but manageable.  Over the past 9 months we have had electrical run to the barn, sunk our first well (good water, but oh so slow!), cut more paths to enjoy the property, harvested our first field of rye, brought on Lorilei Bailey as a brand ambassador, acquired our A3A, received gold medals for our rye and corn whiskey through the ADI competition, applied for a DSP at the Farm, bottled, bottled and bottled some more and recieved our new (to us) still from Lyon, France--a beautiful 150 year old cognac still--and got her and her matching condenser off to a local Cleveland co (Cleveland Coppersmithing) to be retrofitted so we can get her up and running.....we are looking forward to that day!  Phew!

You can now find Tom's Foolery in 7 States: Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Mississippi and the District of Columbia!  We also released our Bonded Bourbon--that was a very big deal to us as I can't believe it has been four years since we first laid down those barrels!  Also, it seems that we may be the first microdistillery to release a bonded bourbon (per the write-up in Whiskey Advocate).  And we just released our Bonded Applejack and Bonded Rye will not be far behind!  So very exciting things going on here.  Although we have been out of production while we make our slow transition to the farm, we are definitely still moving forward here!!!

All that and we managed to get our twin girls settled into their Junior year in High School and a sophomore and Freshman off to college last week as well.

Life is good.  And the whiskey just keeps getting better......

Tom Herbruck