Spring at the Farm

Spring is finally here and we can’t be happier! We are loving the increase of animal and bird activity. We are always surprised with the communities of animals we catch on the game cameras that live on the farm. From coyotes to fox to abundant deer, bunnies and raccoons. We even have cats. We had a pair of trumpeter swans come through! Pileated Woodpeckers are abundant and making their mark on many trees surrounding the fields. The bees have been out of the hives and are happily buzzing around starting to source food for their yummy honey. The soft, green carpet is starting to come in on the paths and I am on the look out for the three varieties of Trillium we get each early Spring. The tree buds make the tops look a a soft, fuzzy red as you gaze into the woods across the corn field. We can finally walk without layers of clothing and heavy coats. And without flashlights! Thinking we need to plant some daffodils and other Spring flowers to add a splash of color around the distillery. We are thankful that we can finally work in the distillery with the doors wide open, feeling the soft breezes flowing through the building and kissing all the copper. It’s been magical…..

Tom Herbruck